The Man Diet: Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels and Eat Like a Man!

I created the Man Diet in response to my own less than optimal testosterone levels. When I began researching ways to increase them, I saw nothing out there in the way of nutrition that served this specific purpose.

Most diets are made for women and hurt men’s testosterone levels.

Testosterone helps men burn more fat, build more muscle, ward off disease, cancer, and even depression. It’s the FIRST step to your ideal body, and it’s a step that men aren’t taking.

Wondering why you can’t build your ideal body? You haven’t created a base of optimal testosterone levels. Do that, and you’ll get your ideal body. The Man Diet will help you get there. Click Here to Learn More.


Two BONUS Programs for $7 Each!

The Perfect V Solution

The V is the shape that has been given to describe the ultimate male physique. Many programs help us great in great shape, build muscle, lose fat, and become stronger. But the PVS is focused purely on developing the Perfect V Torso.

Through a unique muscle building method called specialization, the PVS focuses on building perfect, well-rounded shoulders and a perfect v-shaped back.

From a pure muscle-building, ‘physique’ aspect, it’s an extraordinary solution for those who can’t gain muscle mass, and those who have trouble building the V Shape.  Priced at only $7, the value is unbeatable. To find out more about the PVS, click here.



The Travel Trainer

We don’t always have access to a gym, whether we’re traveling or if we simply don’t want to fork over the hundreds a month that the gym membership entails. Thus, I created the Travel Trainer.

Whether you want to workout from your apartment, a hotel room, or head out to a local park, the TT system gives you the workouts you need, plus the meals you need to be eating if your time is of the essence.

If you want to save both money and time, the Travel Trainer is the solution you need, and the resource that will help you see gains with no gym membership at all.

Priced at only $7 (the same as 1 lunch), it’s been a favorite of readers. To find more information about the TT solution, click here.