American Sniper vs 50 Shades of Grey: opposing views of manliness


Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramI can’t remember a time when two books turned movies have led in the box office back-to-back with such opposing values and views of what it means to be a man. One hits the nail on the head, the other sends men down a dark and dangerous […]

5 Life Lessons Every Human Needs to Learn The Hard Way


The two weeks previous to this lovely day were long; wake up at 4:30 am and work until 8:00 pm, then off to bed and do the same the next day. They were days filled with excitement. I was finishing up a new product, the culmination of months of work and the excitement of launching […]

Man Up Monday: To Reach Your Potential Is an Expectation, Not An Anomaly

Bruce Lee

You’re on this earth for a very brief moment and you’re tasked with one thing: To squeeze the most out of your gifts and talents that you possibly can while you’re here. To fall short of this task is one of life’s greatest tragedy’s, the tragedy of talent left, wasted. You’re here not to dream, […]

How to Be Old School in 10 Simple Steps

How to Be Old School

Those of us who praise a previous generation don’t necessarily do it out of an ignorant fondness for what was, but because of a relationship with someone from a time that reflects the values that made a people both successful and proud. There is no time that’s perfect, no space in our history that was […]

Man Up Monday: Always Be Improving


Enjoy your victories, but never be satisfied or content with who you’ve become, what you know, or what you’ve accomplished. Always be improving. Who you were last year can’t be who you are this year and he must pail in comparison to who you’re becoming next year. (Read this: Why You’re Comparing Yourself to The […]

Your Idea of Equality Really Isn’t Very Fair

Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial

Fairness is an important topic in our society. We want equal opportunity, equal pay, and equality for all. We call it fairness, but is that what we really want? (Read this: 3 Unfair Facts of Life) Let’s get a few things straight to start: 1. Life isn’t fair. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, […]

Man Up Monday: Know Your Power


Most of us live our lives as if our fate, our destiny, the journey our lives take, are the result of circumstance. The reality is that it is we who control our own fate, and we who decide our reactions to our circumstances. You can’t control everything, but you have the power to go with […]

How to Change the Story of Your Life

Old book with feather and inkpot

You’re an author. Essentially that’s what each of us are, and the novel we’re working on daily is the story of our lives. Most of us, however, don’t see ourselves as writers or authors of a grand epic, but rather characters or pawns in a narrative that we don’t control. The pages of our lives, […]

The 12 Characteristics of Real Men

Rough Riders

In 2011, I wrote an article with a similar title. The focus; to define characteristics that true men possess so as to have something to work toward in my own life, and by putting it on the interwebz, possibly give another group of fellas that same archetype to work toward. While lists like this, where […]