Man Up Monday: Practicing Toughness


Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramWe’d like to think that after a long day that our work is done, but we know that can never be true because that’s not what life is about. It’s not a race to a finish line, a hike up a mountain, it’s a long, never-ending race, […]

The Most Important Days to Train…

Boxer at rest

It’s been a lethargic day. For the past week I’ve been toying with a sickness that would neither fully take hold nor completely go away. My bed times have been earlier, I’ve spread out my training a bit more and it appears that I’ve finally beat the bastard. And then today happened. There are no sniffles, […]

Man Up Monday: Self Control Separates the Good You from the GREAT YOU

Alexander The Great

You are two people; there is the disciplined version of you, and the slothful version of you. One is lazy, he talks a big game, makes audacious goals and proclaims them to the world yet never takes the courageous actions needed to see them to fruition. Then there is the great you, the version of […]

How to Create Your Own Strength Program


When it comes to building strength, there are countless approaches that can get the job done. 10 years ago, if you were to talk to 10 powerlifters about what type of training they follow, you were likely to get 10 different answers. But walk into a powerlifting gym today and ask 10 powerlifters about what […]

Man Up Monday: Life Has No Summit, Just a Climb


There is no end to your work here. No day to rest, no finally to your struggle nor summit to your climb. Life is motion, it’s work, it’s a constant and daily hustle that will never end, and you have to not only be at peace with this, but embrace it. Embrace the struggle because […]

Manliness Was Once Our Greatest Virtue


There are three books next to me on my desk and all three are written by or about great, wise men. Reading through each, I notice a consistent referral to a virtue that’s no longer spoken of in our society, or at least not as openly or as freely as it has been throughout human […]

Man Up Monday: Control Your Self, Control Your Life

Bruce Lee

Real power doesn’t come from controlling our surroundings or our environment or others, it lies solely in self control, the ability to control our thoughts and our actions. If you can ward off distraction, if you can focus and work hard for an extended period of time without getting distracted or depressed or quitting, there […]

The Event Doesn’t Matter. Your Reaction to it Does.


We are all given a hand in life, a set of cards that we have to play. Some hands are perceived to be better than others while others seem nearly impossible to rise from. The reality is that the hand you’re given matters little, your reaction to it is everything. Your reaction to failure can […]

Man Up Monday: Forget About the Dream and Focus on the Path.


Value and success and happiness aren’t found in ease. They aren’t created in rest. We can only live the life we want to live through hard work and action and persistence. You’re far more powerful than you realize simply because you control your thoughts and your response to your emotions. You control how much you […]

The Two Ways to Get Rich


There are two ways to get rich. One way, and this is what most people focus on, is to make a lot of money so you can buy the things you want. The second way is to want less and make enough money to pay for this minimalistic lifestyle. One way is good. One way […]