Well, We’ve Killed Reflection


Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramI’ve taken up the habit of walking to the gym rather than driving. Sure it takes more time, time that could be spent working, but without this 15-minute walk I would have no silence in my day, no time to reflect and work out in my mind […]

Man Up Monday: The Choice That Controls Your Fate

Dramatic shot of a medieval warrior's helmet

It’s becoming more and more apparent that each man has the same amount of control over his life; be it his present or his destiny. This control comes in the form of a decision: how we react to the events, good and bad, that occur in our lives. Strong men choose to see hardship not […]

Man Up Monday: Until Lambs Become Lions

Lion Man Up

You’re average. I’m average. This isn’t in comparison to others, but simply in comparison to whom we have the potential to become. On the scale of what we can be, we’re falling short. To ‘Man Up!’ is to stop making excuses and start taking action, no matter how difficult this action may be, a man […]

Why You Don’t Need a Mentor


I get a fair number of emails asking amount finding the right mentor; fellas asking if I can tell them how to get a mentor or if I can in some way mentor them, it’s after reading the question that I break the news that I’ve never really had a real, solid mentor before, just […]

Man Up Monday: Never Give An Excuse


An excuse is a release. It’s a release from responsibility, something that so few want and so many need in today’s world. A man never bucks his responsibilities, it isn’t in the nature of a real man. Thus, a man cannot also give an excuse because to do so is to relinquish the responsibility he […]

Do Not Give, Teach.


When I was in high school I did a couple stints at the local Catholic food bank where we’d serve lunch for the poor and the homeless. It was an eye-opening experience, of course. No one should be ignorant to the hardships of their neighbors, and in a global economy we are all, essentially, neighbors […]

Man Up Monday: Do What No One Else Is Willing To Do

Mongolian soldier horse statue

There are so few warriors because there are so few of us who are willing to do what’s necessary to win in life or to protect those who need protecting. There are so few successful men because those who are willing to work and suffer and persist are in the minority. To man up is […]

Are You The Strong Man or The Critic?

Strong Man or Critic

In Theodore Roosevelt’s “The Man in the Arena” speech, he talks about “the critic”, the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, but is he addressing the critic or the strong man, the “doer of deeds”, or is it both? Many a year ago now while I was in high school, admittedly only […]

Man Up Monday: The Mind, The Spirit, and the Body

Mind Spirit Body

To be at your best you cannot simply be physically great or mentally impressive or spiritually strong, you need all three areas to see your potential. Fortunately, by strengthening one, if you’re aware enough, you strengthen the other areas. Take the gym, for example. When you’re training your body in the gym you’re also training […]

Your Life is Won In Battles That Last But Seconds

Iron Clad

I’m still seated as a long day nears its end. My eyes are fixed on my computer’s screen, having only moments ago finished my newsletter, I check that off my to do list and start to stand up. It’s then, just as I’m about to proclaim the day a success, my adversaries defeated, both laziness […]