Man Up Monday: There Is No Tomorrow

There Is No Tomorrow

Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramThe Stoics practiced death. They’d train themselves to be in that moment when their lives end. They’d practice sorrow and pain and prepare for those things that will one day inevitably be so their lives won’t be crushed by the emotions we so often give to tragedies. […]

No, You Are Not Perfect Just the Way You Are

Boxer Statue

No, you are not perfect just the way you are, nor are you special, though you are unique. To be perfect how we are would nullify the need for improvement, and improvement is necessary. To be special would be to place ourselves above the masses, when it’s humility that will allow you to learn. What […]

Man Up Monday: How to Learn Greatness


Greatness isn’t born. Sure, nature plays a role in who you end up being, as does the family or city or time you’re born into, but greatness of any kind, mastery, accomplishment, success, they’re all learned. (Read This: Why You Don’t Need a Mentor) Some want it more than others so they seek it out […]

Why All Men Need to Study Great Men

Robert E Lee

It’s mythical men that seem detached, immortal, and unattainable that can do more to despair than to inspire. Yet, as we read about even history’s greatest heroes, it’s most grand personas and sometimes even its most opulent rulers, we see that in every ounce of greatness there is also weakness, frailty, suffering, and humanity. We […]

2 Things Guaranteed in Life: You Will Fail and You Will Die


You will falter. You will fail. But will you rise, and rise again? Life has certain guarantees. Many of these set-in-stone realities hold us back from experiencing life and all of its wonders, both good and bad, in its truest sense. Death is a guarantee. You will die. I will die. In fact, with each […]

Man Up Monday: Where Life Is Won


Life isn’t won in the easy chair. It’s not won in bed, nor by winning the lottery. Life is won where all battles are won, in the trenches, it’s fought for and taken, it isn’t handed over or bestowed upon. To Man Up is to understand that life is a struggle, it just is, there […]

13 Rules for Living a Flourishing Life

Chad Howse Rules for Life

If there was a rule I made it my mission to break it. I always saw rules as confining, oppressive, as things that were trying to hold me back from having fun. In my youth I was fighting fights simply to fight fights, never stopping to think if my battles were good or destructive. After […]

Man Up Monday: How to Win at Life


The weak think that life is a series of events that happen to them. The strong understand that life, success, happiness, and everything else we want in our lives and of life are things we have to earn, win, and warrant. Winning at life is a choice you make that then must be backed up […]

Dump and Chase: How to Face Your Greatest Fears and Win


I’m Canadian, so we may as well start one article off by talking about hockey. In hockey the goal is obviously to score, but this is typically done when you dominate puck possession in the opponent’s zone. The tough part, often times, is gaining the zone and keeping the puck there. One of the ways to […]

Man Up Monday: Do What Must Be Done


Part of being a man and being a leader is doing what must be done, not what you’d like to do or what the populace wants you to do. Sometimes you need to be violent to protect the innocent. Sometimes you need to work long, arduous hours to provide for your family. You may not […]