Man Cave Monday: Prints, Pups, and Pride

Man Cave

Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramI started this series a couple weeks ago in lieu of the purchase of a new home and, owning next to nothing, the need to get things to go into the home. It’s called Man Cave Monday, but the reality is that the entire house shall be […]

Grit & Gameness: How to Be Good at Being a Man


It seems that our society is hell bent on teaching goodness and equality and fairness without putting much thought into the values and virtues that make greatness. Rewarding based on participation rather than merit does more damage than good. Creating an artificial, level playing field removes initiative and reward for going above and beyond. Trying […]

Man Up Monday: Start Acting On Those Dreams


Dreams turned into wishes are wasted opportunities. When we’re kids we play pretend, we act on the dreams we have though we’re not old enough to actually make them a reality. Yet, when we are old enough to follow those things we most want in life, we deem them as unrealistic, even a waste of […]

Something Worth Fighting For: the Virtues That Won Independence


“Over-sentimentality, over-softness, in fact washiness and mushiness are the great dangers of this age and of this people. Unless we keep the barbarian virtues, gaining the civilized ones will be of little avail.” – Theodore Roosevelt Today is the day that Americans celebrate their independence from tyranny. It’s a day not only to celebrate what […]

The Pussification of the West


While there is debate as to whether or not our modern society is “better” than those in the past, there’s little debate that our society is weaker. Our weakness shows in our entitled view of how the world works with us at its center. It’s seen in our seeming inability to recognize that evil exists […]

Man Up Monday: The Art Of Developing Brass Balls


When someone does something audacious or courageous, he’s said to have a set of brass balls. It’s this audacity that is innately masculine and it’s something that many of us must return to. This isn’t to say you should be foolish, although it’s better to be a fool than a man who lacks all action. […]

Follow Your Passion If You Want to Be Broke and Useless

Follow Your Passion

For the most part, the college commencement speech has become a joke, a pile of fluffy nonsense written to inspire without providing value, to feed the ego rather than providing the students with a much needed dose of humility, reality, and applicable advice that will actually help. The speaker, typically someone famous who got famous […]

You’re Wasting Your Workouts by Not Eating This Much Protein

Raw fresh meat Ribeye Steak and meat cleaver on dark background

Without hard work you’re not going to do much of anything in this world. Laziness is inherently evil because it wastes the talents and potential and the capacity for goodness and greatness that you have. It’s this notion of “wasting” potential by not applying ourselves that we must also apply to our training. Assuming you […]

Man Up Monday: Find an Excuse


Find an excuse. Every day, find an excuse to work harder. Find an excuse to be better. Be creative. You don’t always need a grand quest or a great mission, sometimes you just need a reason to last 5 more minutes, to focus just a little bit longer for today. Tomorrow is irrelevant. Find an […]

10 Lessons Every Father Should Teach His Son

Hemmingway Fathers Day 2

I was 4 years old, and I was getting picked on by a kid who was 6 years old. The kid would act as if he were my friend but push me around from time to time. I told my old man about it and, being a dad he gave me the advice I needed […]