Man Up Monday: The Art Of Developing Brass Balls


Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramWhen someone does something audacious or courageous, he’s said to have a set of brass balls. It’s this audacity that is innately masculine and it’s something that many of us must return to. This isn’t to say you should be foolish, although it’s better to be a […]

Follow Your Passion If You Want to Be Broke and Useless

Follow Your Passion

For the most part, the college commencement speech has become a joke, a pile of fluffy nonsense written to inspire without providing value, to feed the ego rather than providing the students with a much needed dose of humility, reality, and applicable advice that will actually help. The speaker, typically someone famous who got famous […]

You’re Wasting Your Workouts by Not Eating This Much Protein

Raw fresh meat Ribeye Steak and meat cleaver on dark background

Without hard work you’re not going to do much of anything in this world. Laziness is inherently evil because it wastes the talents and potential and the capacity for goodness and greatness that you have. It’s this notion of “wasting” potential by not applying ourselves that we must also apply to our training. Assuming you […]

Man Up Monday: Find an Excuse


Find an excuse. Every day, find an excuse to work harder. Find an excuse to be better. Be creative. You don’t always need a grand quest or a great mission, sometimes you just need a reason to last 5 more minutes, to focus just a little bit longer for today. Tomorrow is irrelevant. Find an […]

10 Lessons Every Father Should Teach His Son

Hemmingway Fathers Day 2

I was 4 years old, and I was getting picked on by a kid who was 6 years old. The kid would act as if he were my friend but push me around from time to time. I told my old man about it and, being a dad he gave me the advice I needed […]

11 Things That Don’t Matter in Your Life (if you want to succeed)

Part of the original antique monument of Goethe and Schiller, bronze statue, Weimar, Germany

I’ve been using the statement, “it’s irrelevant”, a fair bit as of late and I hadn’t really noticed its constant use until today. It’s incredible the amount of things we give our time and energy to that are not only completely non-essential to our lives and our own personal evolution, but irrelevant, be it in […]

Man Cave Monday: Books, Hatchets, and More Manly Things

Man Cave

Prepping for the move that’s to take place in only a handful of weeks, I’ve found myself rushing to get things to make my house a home. This isn’t to say that I’m looking to add clutter. I own very little so some additions are welcome (I literally just need to pop everything in the […]

Man Up Monday: There Is No Tomorrow

There Is No Tomorrow

The Stoics practiced death. They’d train themselves to be in that moment when their lives end. They’d practice sorrow and pain and prepare for those things that will one day inevitably be so their lives won’t be crushed by the emotions we so often give to tragedies. The lesson, essentially, is that there is no […]

No, You Are Not Perfect Just the Way You Are

Boxer Statue

No, you are not perfect just the way you are, nor are you special, though you are unique. To be perfect how we are would nullify the need for improvement, and improvement is necessary. To be special would be to place ourselves above the masses, when it’s humility that will allow you to learn. What […]

Man Up Monday: How to Learn Greatness


Greatness isn’t born. Sure, nature plays a role in who you end up being, as does the family or city or time you’re born into, but greatness of any kind, mastery, accomplishment, success, they’re all learned. (Read This: Why You Don’t Need a Mentor) Some want it more than others so they seek it out […]