Sometimes a Balanced Program is the LAST Thing You Need

Discover How Your Current Program My Be Bringing You Further Away From Your Ideal Body

Hey, it’s Chad here…

We all want to improve, which is why we head to the gym in the first place, from there, though, the story typically goes as follows…

You’re looking in the mirror one day and you realize that you’ve let yourself go or you're just not happy with how you look. So, you hit the muscle building mags and web sites to find a program that’ll help you get bigger and stronger and more muscular and leaner.

And, being an action-taker, you start right away.

You start eating right and training hard, yet after a few months – maybe even a few years – you’ve built more muscle, you’ve gotten stronger, but you don’t look all that much better. You look bulky, even puffy and round, and the harder you train the more you accentuate this round shape.


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Of course you are!

I was. I gained and gained until I was at my goal weight but my waist was still too big and my shoulders were still too thin.

The reason as to why, though it was frustrating, made perfect sense...

Most Programs Don't Focus On Shape

It doesn't matter how good a program is...

The best programs I've done are balanced programs. They help me get stronger and bigger and leaner. What they do, though, is build upon the body I had before, the shape I came into the program with.

They don't actually change my shape, or yours.

Almost every muscle building program is balanced, and for good reason. You WANT to build a balanced physique, the only problem lies in that the IDEAL body isn’t necessarily balanced, it’s just properly proportioned…

… And by following a balanced program you end up moving further away from these idyllic proportions.

In no way am I saying that these programs are bad, they're just not going to get you the shape you want. Once you build that shape, however, you can go back and simply build upon what you've now created.

So What is This Perfect Shape?

Well, you probably know what it is without knowing what it is...

That's because this ideal shape is something we innately notice without really knowing why we notice it.

Men see it as somewhat of an intimidating figure, they see strength and power and athleticism; they see the alpha.

Women see the ideal, the leader, the man they want even before they notice the details no matter how hideous those details may be (I'm kidding)...

Women find it irresistible.

Men find it intimidating.

It consists simply of broad shoulders that taper into a thinner waste. It ends up looking like a “V”, which is why it’s called the “V Shape”.

Guys want to have it; girls want the man who has it.

Women want it because it’s seen as athletic.

It was once the physique that the Ancient Greeks and Romans aspired to sculpt, or the early bodybuilders aimed to build.

It has always been the ideal, and although bodybuilders have gotten rounder and we just don’t sculpt enough statues any more, women can still catch the perfect V out from a crowd of guys and have an immediate attraction to him.

It’s evolution, damnit. It’s biology.

This physique was the body of the alpha male when we were in tribes, when men still hunted and gathered. It’s the physique of the warrior that defended the town, and now it’s the body of the most elite athletes in the world.

And unless you genetically have it, or if you’ve done the training method I’m about to talk about, your current program is taking you further away from this ideal with every rep, set, and contraction.

So what is this training method?

First, let’s talk about the two muscle groups that make it up...

The first, your back:

If you do body part splits you’re likely hitting the back with 3-4 exercises a workout. Now, look at the picture of all of the muscles in your back.

There’s a lot of them, huh?

Here’s the thing…

Some you work by pulling vertically up (your traps), others you work by pulling vertically down (your lats), then there are the host of other muscles that you work when you pull every which angle horizontally. Then, there are those muscles that you work when you pull vertically IN FRONT of the body.

Within the confines of a conventional workout you cannot hit the back with as many angles as you need to in order to build the muscle group that is the foundation of the perfect V shape, and without the perfectly proportioned back, you’re not going to build your idyllic body, no matter how strong or muscular you get!

Now, take an even SMALLER portion of the back, the trap muscles. The trap is broken down into 3 parts:

  • The Mid
  • The Upper
  • The Lower

Break that down further and you have:

  • the lower
  • the mid
  • the upper

Extending this even further, you have:

  • the lower, inner, middle and outer
  • the mid, inner, middle and outer
  • the upper, inner, middle and outer

To even effectively train your traps from top to bottom and inside to out, you need close, medium, and extremely wide grips. You also need to pull from nearly every angle.

To build the perfectly proportioned group of muscles that will make your idyllically proportioned physique, you need to spend at least a month on that muscle group, and that muscle group alone.

And for the purposes of building the V Shape, the back muscles and the deltoids require a solid foundation from the inside out, from every angle, for you to build the shape that you can then build upon once again with a more balanced program.

So what's the method that will help you construct this shape that other programs seem to be taking you further away from?

It’s Called 'Specialization', and In This Case We're Using it To Focus Only on the V Shape

Specialization allows you to focus entirely on the muscle group that needs improvement without sacrificing the results of every other muscle group.

With this method you can work the muscle 3-4 days a week (with one full body maintenance day to ensure that the rest of your body doesn’t shrink), from every angle, with every exercise…

But it’s not that simple.

With every workout you work one angle, so that during the next workout, the part of the muscle you worked last time is in recovery.

What makes the Perfect V Method so unique is that it completely focuses on the two muscle groups that create the Perfect V:

  • The Deltoids
  • The Back

The Perfect V Solution is a chance to break free from the mediocre, average physique that you're destined to build following the same path that every average Joe follows in the gym day after day, year after year.

  • If you’re just starting out, this program will give you the base you need to build upon, rather than the rounded, bloated body that comes from bulking.
  • If you’ve already built a base, the Perfect V Solution will dramatically improve the shape of your body, while helping you maintain your base, and shed fat.

You work every angle of every muscle of the back in the back phase, building a back that’s broad, and tapers into your waist.

You work every head of the deltoid, building bowling ball, broad shoulders that lead into your back, broad upper lats, setting you up with the foundation that is the Perfect V Shape.

This wonderful solution helped me dramatically change the aesthetics of my body. I thought I was genetically destined to have a cylinder-type shape with a V relegated to a pipe-dream status, a wish, a thing of dreams.

While it took a lot of hard work, this specific specialization method made big changes in my life, not just my physique.

The thing is, there are literally no specialization programs out there that focus on the V Shape. So I created one...

The Perfect V Solution: Your Guide to Alpha Male Proportions

What the PVS helps you accomplish is simple: A change in the shape of your physique that you can then build upon for the rest of your life.

It's a kind of a 'Re-Set' on the shape of your body. All you need is 2 months of focused training and the shape of your body can finally begin to take the form you wanted it to take, but didn't really know how to make it a reality.

It's a HYPER-FOCUSED method that's created specifically for guys who need to work on their shape (and that may not be you)...

The Perfect V Solution is NOT For Everyone (Please Read)

If you have an ideal shape or a shape you're content with, then, the PVS is obviously not a program you need to take action on.

You're in rare company, in a list of only a few guys I know who are genetically gifted enough to simply 'do whatever' in the gym and get the body you want.

For the rest of us there's the Perfect V Solution.

But wait, the Perfect V Solution is for more than just 'any guy'...

I have two contingencies on my site and with my business…

If you’re not willing to do the work, don’t buy anything I create. The tribe is what I’m all about. And the tribe we’re building here is AWESOME. It’s filled with hustlers, with action-takers, with warriors and good men that want to become better.

I don’t want people to buy stuff and just have it sit there, sure I get the dollar bills but it seems more like a waste of my time and yours than anything.

The second has to do with debt.

If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

Here’s the thing, most people can definitely afford it, especially this (it’s the price of two fast food meals).

We waste SO MUCH MONEY on things that hold us back and spend very little on the things that help us grow, evolve, and improve.

With that said, if you have a ton of credit card debt, use all of your money cutting that down, then buy the program. But don’t buy the program if you’re riddled with debt and unable to spare a cent.

If you fall under the category of wanting to improve and willing to work hard, then take action!

$12 Value

The Perfect V Solution Training Manual

Know the method behind the madness: Learn how to create the Perfect V and why it's so damn important to your evolution.


The Perfect V Solution Program

2 months of shape-shifting programs focused around the Perfect V Specialization Method that will systematically change the shape of your body.


$94 Value

$7 Value

The Perfect V Solution Scheduling

The PVS isn't a "normal" program, so I take you through the best practices with scheduling around your life so you can get the best results possible over the course of the Solution.


2 Fast-Action Bonuses for Action-Takers (Limited Time Only)

The PVS is an incredibly condensed program designed around a unique method that will literally change the shape of your body, but often times this evolution needs to be "up-kept" when we're back in our usual training mode, which is why I create 2 methods that you can add to any program to ENSURE you not only maintain your V, but that you build upon it.

$47 Value

Fast Action Bonus #1: The Deltoid Destroyer

Shoulders are a massive weak-point for a lot of guys because they require lower reps, but also extremely high reps to maximize growth. The Deltoid Destroyer allows you to hit your shoulders from every angle, forcing not only growth, but optimal shape.


Fast Action Bonus #2: The V Finishers Series

Have you every used finishers? They're a great addition to the end of your workout instead of cardio to stay ripped and in shape, and the V Finishers Series helps you build upon the V you're creating in the PVS (add it to the end of any program).


$47 Value

Take Action Today!

A One-Time Fee of Only $160 $47

*Plus lifetime support and updates.

A few reasons why the Perfect V Solution + BOTH Bonuses are too good to pass up:

  • You can do the PVS as long as you want. No need to stop after 2 months, and you can always go back to it in a few month's time.
  • Thus, it's the gift that keeps on giving.
  • After doing the PVS you'll notice your clothes hang ideally (especially suits).
  • You'll garner the attention of the ladies with just a glance (research has shown that it's the SHAPE that grabs their attention, not the details).
  • You'll make every program from now on more effective, so no more wasting money going nowhere!

BIG ONE: Because You're Focusing on ONE Muscle Group for an ENTIRE Month, You're Going to SEE Results Immediately in the Mirror

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I stand behind what I create, always. But there's also a decent list of things that remove you from being ideal for the PVS (can't afford it, don't work hard, already have your ideal body), so, try it out for a month, then, if you don't like it, get your money back.

I love risk, but I don't think you should risk anything to get the body you want, all you should have to do is shut your brain off and work hard!

That's why I created the PVS, so you can do just that:

Walk into the gym and build your ideal body one rep at a time.

A One-Time Fee of Only $160 $47

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  • Instead of getting bigger in the wrong sense, set yourself up to build the shape that women automatically perceive as ideal…
  • Walk down the street and turn heads…
  • Ensure that your workouts no longer have you building inferior aesthetics…
  • And ensure that every program you do from now on enhances your physique rather than degrades it.
  • Q.How long does the Perfect V Solution last?

    A.The PVS is a two month program designed to help reconstruct the shape of your physique, however, if you want to work on it further simply repeat months 1 and 2 until you get your desired results.

  • Q.Is it only $47 or are there any other charges?

    A.Not only is it only $47, but you get two bonuses right when you sign up (for a limited time). There are NO hidden fees or charges, and once you buy, you get instant access.

  • Q.What if I decide it's too hard?

    A.Then get a refund. I want workers only, no sissies.

  • Q.What if I need to change my shape even after doing the 2 months of training?

    A.Then simply repeat months 1 and 2 until you get your desired result.

  • Q.Is this a secure transaction?

    A.100% yes, using, the leader in credit card processing. Your transaction is completely secure and confidential.

  • Q.Will my information be shared with any other parties?

    A.Not one. Not only that, no one sees your information, it’s simply processed then you’re automatically given the access needed to download the program.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact I'd be pumped to have you join the tribe and I can't wait to see your transformation over the next two months!