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September 26, 2018

From the Desk of Chad Howse,

Ever wonder why you haven't built your ideal body yet?

Why you haven't unleashed that inner alpha?

If you’ve tried program after program in a vain attempt to become bigger, stronger, leaner or more ripped, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and I’ve been there.

I spent my first EIGHT YEARS in the gym, barely gaining any muscle or burning any fat. There’s me on the right, or at least that’s what I USED TO look like.

After years of trial and error and hard work I finally found a method that helped me get bigger, which was awesome. With my newfound size I was closer to my ideal, but still not quite there.

I couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason as to why I wasn’t satisfied with my newfound size, and then I started researching the ratios that men can ideally develop, and I didn’t have them. My shoulders weren’t as broad as they could be, and my waist not as thin as I’d like it to be.

I didn’t have the V Shaped body that every guy wants to have and every girl craves to be with, YET.

Over the past few years I’ve been creating programs, filling in the various gaps that will help any guy build his best body – and by best I mean that body that will unleash his inner Alpha from both a strength and performance standpoint, and the aesthetics that befit a true Alpha Male.

I’ll tell you about each piece of the puzzle in a second, how they came to fruition, and how they’ll help you:

  • Build the perfect shape.
  • Get stronger and more athletic.
  • Get bigger, leaner, and more ripped.
  • Fill in the details, the abs, the striations.
  • And finally, boost your hormones (is there an Alpha on the planet who has low T?).

First, what do I know about helping you build your ideal body using this rare systematic approach that knocks down each of your road blocks individually and in order?

Well if we’re talking credentials, I’ve helped thousands of guys go from soft and jiggly to ripped and shredded in a matter of months. I’ve helped thousands of guys like YOU break through their perceived boundaries to realize their TRUE genetic potential that had eluded them for, in some cases, DECADES.

I’ve written and been featured in Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, SHAPE Magazine as one of America’s Top Trainers, Elite FTSBodybuilding.com, and the Art of Manliness.

Accolades aside, and most importantly in my mind, I was once a skinny, scrawny, flabby, weak individual who trained in the gym for up to 14 hours a week. I did every program under the sun, every diet, and every magic pill, powder, and potion I could get my hands on that was legal.

Yet nothing worked.

My greatest accolade, proof that I know how to help even those of you who face the GREATEST obstacles, is that I’ve accomplished what I’m going to help you accomplish with my own body. I’ve built my ideal body, from both a performance standpoint, as well as an aesthetics one.

… And though some programs helped more than others, it was a COMBINATION of programs that helped me reach my apex, my peak, my place in the sun, that milestone where I now reside in a place of deep confidence that has transferred to every single other area of my life.

Confidence that has helped me start my own business, travel the world, take risks and fail and take even greater risks after said failure.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, that’s not the point. The point is that I’ve LIVED the benefits of building a stronger, more confident body, and I’m DYING to see you live with these same benefits, and over the past decade there’s one truth I’ve discovered:

You need multiple programs to create this ideal and multiple programs that fit together strategically to reach your apex. It’s multiple methods that I want to give you.

Ever feel like there’s a warrior, an alpha male, a leader residing deep down in your soul? Well this will set him free…

Build Your Genetically BEST Body By Combining These SIX Programs

Step #1 Months 1 & 2: Build the Perfect Shape

Where many of us go wrong is that we follow a “balanced program” to start. All that a balanced program does - if it’s a good one - is help you build each of your muscles evenly. You end up, for example, adding an inch to every muscle group. Now, unless you’re born with perfect genetics, this isn’t a good thing - it wasn’t for me.

There is a shape that men need to build to get their ideal.

That shape kinda looks like a “V”. Picture it. Broad shoulders that taper into a thinner waist.

It’s this shape that you need to build FIRST to build your ideal body. If you build this foundation, “adding an inch” to every muscle group becomes productive. With the ‘Perfect V Solution’ you’re taken through 2 months of workouts specifically designed to help you construct this V Shape.

After you build this PERFECT V as your base, it’s time to get stronger.

Step #2 Months 3-5: Grow Stronger

Strength is necessary for any and every goal, be it fat loss or muscle gains or improving athleticism. With the Man Workout you’re taken through all 3 phases of your transformation.

Month #1, you WILL get stronger than ever before. Then we’re focusing on fat loss to help you boost your testosterone levels (body fat hinders testosterone, and you need optimal testosterone levels to build your ideal body, no matter what shape or form or goal that entails). Finally, with the third month we’re focusing on LEAN MUSCLE, with tempos and cadences you’ve never been exposed to.

By the end of this second program you’ll be a hell of a lot closer to your ideal, both aesthetically and with regards to performance, all setting you up for the home run hitter: the Challenge.

Step #3 Months 6-14: Build Slabs of Ripped, Metabolic, Anabolic, Alpha Male Muscle

Remember those many paragraphs ago when I mentioned “adding an inch to every muscle group in your body”? Well the Challenge, a 9-month program filled with incredible plateau-breaking progressions that will keep your results consistent and never-ending, is the program that helped me create my initial transformation, gaining 32 pounds of LEAN muscle in 32 weeks.

This program will help you build more lean, athletic muscle than ever before, all the while helping you dramatically cut your body fat.

Your diet will dictate just how much muscle you gain, or how much fat you lose. This program is INCREDIBLE. It’s filled with the hardest challenge workouts you’ve ever done, pushing you and that competition aspect of your soul beyond the limits you’ve confined yourself to thus far.

On its own this is worth hundreds, but as a part of this bonus, the Challenge is more than 50% OFF!

Yet, we’re still not done. Value is my goal. You looking in the mirror with confidence, as a warrior, is the result I’m looking for.

Step #4: Add in the Details

The V Finishers Series can accompany any program or they can be used during your off weeks after each phase of the Challenge.

It’s these finishers that will help you keep and continue to develop that V Shape that you ultimately want. Add these to ANY program even after you graduate with your new body from the Alpha Male Bundle.

Step #5: Sprint Away Your Fat Without Compromising Your Muscle

In our training, weight training, we progressively change how we’re training and lifting as to break through any plateaus in our results that we may experience, but why does no one do this with their cardio?

The Fast and Furious Cardio Routine does this. It uses progressions to bring you through 9 months of sprint training that WILL help you burn more fat than ever before.

Most programs will tell you to simply “go for a run”, or “sprint”, but this isn’t “A” program. It’s a bundle of the best programs you’re going to do, so we’re able to add in even MORE value than your conventional program.

Within this program you’ll also find out why you should never go for a “jog” again.

Step #6: Bodyweight Programs Fit For the Ring

I hate bodyweight programs because most of them SUCK (except this one).

Listen, I’ve been out of town for 7 of the last 8 months, traveling, adventuring, doing my thing, but I didn’t want this adventure to take place at the behest of my body and my results, so I went back to my roots: BOXING.

For 3 years I fought as an amateur in the greatest form of competition there is. A HEFTY part of our training was bodyweight training.

But not just ANY form of bodyweight training.

This is boxing bodyweight training. So even though you may not have access for a gym over a period of time, I wanted to add the Boxing Bodyweight Program to the mix to MAKE SURE you’re getting the best results possible.

The Boxing Bodyweight Program is one of the FEW bodyweight programs that will actually help you get STRONGER and more ATHLETIC even though you’re not training with ANY weights by using a fair share of power movements like plyometrics.

This is your failsafe. While you’re building a body that reflects the alpha male that resides within you, you’re probably going to embark on some adventures. The Boxing Bodyweight Program makes sure that your results don’t suffer as a result.

6 Programs Designed to Help You Become an Alpha Male in the Flesh

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Fast Action Bonus

Alas, I’m not finished.

One of the most important aspects of training has nothing to do with training, but nutrition.

All of these workouts WILL go to waste - actually, ALL of your workouts, no matter what you’re doing will go to waste - if you don’t MAXIMIZE your pre and post workout nutrition.

You see, having an effective pre and post workout nutrition routine will help you STOP the protein breakdown that occurs during training and lasts for up to 4 hours thereafter, essentially undoing all of the hard work you’ve been putting in with your training.

So how to do you combat this protein breakdown?

a. You have to have nutrition and supplementation practices that help you hormonally, that is, they increase TESTOSTERONE, while lowering your cortisol levels and estrogen levels.

Quick Tip: Take vitamin C with your post workout shake. This will help stop cortisol from elevating after a hard workout. Zinc will help you quell the estrogen rise.

b. Pre workout nutrition also matters, primarily for energy levels and actually seeing the benefits from the nutrients you’re putting into your body. Did you know that you should eat NO EARLIER than 2 hours before a workout?

If you eat closer to your workout you’re not going to see the benefits of the nutrients you’re putting into your body.

And so, as a BONUS for BE LEGENDARY Members Only, I’m including the MAXIMIZER RECIPES along with the Alpha Male Bundle

Boxing Week Sale!

For years I was trying to figure out how to make the most complete program that would take a guy like I was from the beginning to the END of his transformation. I was looking at it the wrong way.

THERE IS NO ONE PROGRAM. I had to combine all of these programs, and you're likely going to have to do the same, which is why I'm so pumped about this Alpha Male Bundle, it's 14 months or more of the best programs you can do, all designed to bring one aspect of your idilic physique to fruition.

This is, however, ONLY for Action-Takers. I don't want this MASSIVE BUNDLE wasted on those who aren't going to WORK!

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Sincerely, Chad Howse